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    Hi guys,

    One quick question. I’m not very familiar with outlook and exchage server (I’m the Cisco guy) and I had to replace one of the users PC’s. I set up his Miscrosoft Outlook email and my user complained about not having his personal folders, contacts, etc anymore. How do I get that back? I just started reading an outlook book but still your help will be very appreciate it.
    Thank you very much.


    Re: Microsoft Outlook

    1. In old pc identify the path where the personnel folder (.pst) were configured to store.
    2. Copy those *.pst files to a folder in new pc
    3. Go to control panel or from tool menu in outlook map the copied *.pst files as his personnel folders.
    4. In the same locate his personnel address book (.PAB) and copy to new pc.
    5. Go to control panel or from tool menu in outlook map the copied *.pab files as his personnel address book.
    6. If you are not able to locate user’s .pst & .pab files search for those files (Because there are chances user would have stored in the default path c:/documents and settings//application data/microsoft/outlook)

    Note: You may see different menu options if you are using outlook 2003


    Re: Microsoft Outlook

    Do not do the above as you are using an Exchange Server.

    Have a look at this link for what you have to do. You will need to know the users account name and the name of the Exchange Server. Use the above link as a guide and post back if you get stuck.


    Re: Microsoft Outlook

    Thank you, biggles77.
    That’s what I did but still, he didn’t get his personal folders back.
    Does that need time to sync with the exchange server?
    Best regards,



    Re: Microsoft Outlook

    What exactly does your user mean Personal Folders??

    Most of the time i get users to create all folders as sub folders of there inboxes. Which should be stored on the mail server. When the users profile is recreated it will automatically find these folders.

    Another option for users is to have mail delivered to a personal folder. This personal folder will be saved as a PST file.

    When you replaced the PC did you keep a copy of the users drive for them?? If you did then it is simply a case of looking for *.PST files and copying them then adding them.

    The contacts problem i’ll need to have a look at.


    Re: Microsoft Outlook

    Look in the back up your did of his/her old computer for

    drive:Documents and Settings%username%Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlookbackup.pst


    drive:&name%backupcomputernameCDocuments and Settings%usernername%My Documentsmailbox.PAB

    Go to Outlook and do an import of “from another program or file”, choose .pst files or .pab, and follow the directions, browse to the backup.pst or mailbox.pab and import all the personal folders and contacts he/she is looking.

    exporting all this stuff to an separate location before doing a backup, will give you eaiser importing options when Outlook is restored.

    I don’t know if this qualifies as official MS instructions, but it has worked for me.


    Re: Microsoft Outlook

    Thank you guys for the answers!
    Thank you, Racerdeb.That did the job.


    Re: Microsoft Outlook

    glad I could help.

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