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    Exchange Server 2003. There are no limit setting for attachment size, no limit for user, no limit for global setting, no limit for SMTP or connector, but I can’t receive mail with attachment greater than 10 Mb :( Why???


    The problem with this question, and many others on this site, is that you provide almost no details about your environment, configuration, symptoms, error or warning messages, test results, etc., etc. and you don’t list any steps that you’ve taken to troubleshoot the problem. If this is what passes for professional IT these days I’m a bit disappointed.


    And I’m also guilty of not fully reading the question! I selective reading I think.
    Another place this limit could be set is the email filtering appliance (if any) I think I remember mailmarshal having attachment size limit a configurable option too.


    Thanks uk_network, unfortunately I don’t have any filtering appliance
    Joeqwerty, I’m sorry, but I haven’t any error, system is working correctly, simply, even if there isn’t any limit for attachment size, when I receive a mail message greater then 1Mb It’s rejected with error #5.2.3.
    It happens for each mailbox
    The only thing I’ve enabled the copy of each message recieved or sent from a mailbox to a public folder

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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