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    I am looking for a tool that can generate emails and send it to SMTP server on port 25,

    the tool must allow me to insert source IP, destination IP, sender email, receiver email, as well as allowing me to write the email body and attach a file,

    is such tool available, I tried to search on the internet but did not find one,

    I need this tool to practice and test our Email Security Gateway (ESG).



    The “normal” approach (for Microsoft Exchange, at least) is a bit of TELNET scripting – not sure if it allows source IP to be specified, but the rest is OK


    Thanks for your reply,

    Actually I started learning powershell command Send-MailMessage,

    it helped me a lot, except that I cannot change the source address, which actually it will not make sense as SMTP will not work unless TCP handshake establishes, to make TCP works, you need to send the packet from your real IP.


    What do you mean change the source address??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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