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    after coming to conclusion that there is no way to Lock Start button on Server 2012 R2 with GPO I decided to ask here…

    Content Menu GPO has just no effect on Bloody Start button in server 2012.
    When Remote user access Remote session he can go right click, left click with all the heck that should not be visible.
    I am using Remote App that is fine. But started to look how Full Desktop Remote could be used and it is really funny that such a powerfull product has no management from locking down standard user.
    So may be somebody can suggest how for god sake make this button SHUT instead of Start.


    How about actually explaining what you’re trying to accomplish… in detail… rather than ranting about what you perceive to be the inefficiencies in Microsoft’s products.


    First, I really love and use with love many MS technologies, sure there are things that looks pretty obvious and should work or worked before but missing in new versions.

    RDS 2012 R2 – no questions about RemoteApp. It works very well in production for about a year.
    Testing the option of publishing Session Based Desktop. I don’t want to emphasize RDS Deployment with all related services, that is why posted the question here pointing to Remote Session of Server 2012 R2 (RDSH only).

    When a standard user logs in to Server 2012 using RDP he gets a Full Desktop session.

    I need to restrict access to Start Screen – left click and disable access to right click Menu of Start button.
    There are tons of things in GPO related to limiting user access to Server’s goodies. But I don’t need 95% of them and those that looks practical and obvious (not just for me) are not available . I checked many available articles for locking down remote session… no some solid lockdown after Server 2008.

    On MS social GPO forum the verdict is that there is no option for locking down Start button after some advices.
    If you will ask why I want to lock access to Start Screen – to eliminate user’s confusion and panic on how get back Desktop in large environment.
    The goal is to block unnecessary items/features and access…

    So the question is about locking access to Start button or at least Right click by using registry.

    For left click…yes we can empty Start Menu and leave just Desktop tile for the missing user… but there are other troubles when you trying to distribute Start Screen xml with a GPO (not applies, worked previously from many posts and my tests)…

    So as minimum to lock right click.Ideally Start button.


    Cool site!… I remember used something from it couple of years ago. Sure will try this thing. And it could be exactly what I need. I will write couple of words in Russian to this Russian guy :)
    Thanks Mr. Moderator !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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