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    I recently attended the Microsoft security summit and was impressed with isa 2004 and since I had to setup a new ifw in a back to back configuration thought I’d give it a try.

    I am trying to run the migration tool off the isa2004 cdrom and it gives the following error.

    ISA2KExport – error:
    This tool requires Microsoft ISA Server 2000 Standard edition and ISA SP1 or later.

    I have an old isa server running Microsoft Windows 2000 5.00.2195 SP4 and this box is running isa server with SP1 – version xxx.166 so should accept the migration wizard, isa server 2000 and isa server 2000 updates. As far as I can tell it’s ripe for using the wizard.

    The version of isa is 3.0.1200.366 and I am assuming this is standard install version as I wasn’t involved in setting it up originally.

    What’s the problem here?

    I believe I cannot export / backup the isa 2000 settings and then try to import them into isa 2004 as its not an xlm file so is there another way?

    please help – :cry: both and microsoft have not replied!


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