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    Ok, so this computer comes into our workshop, and he says it wont boot. Fair enough, My workmate colin says He’ll take a look at it.
    As im on work experience here he tells me to look at it because it is busy, so I do,
    Some connections were faulty etc… and the graphics card blah blah blah was not in correctly. I fix all that, and it boots up.
    Then, I try to get it running on the Internet, using our network and it will not work.
    The network Lead is in properly, and the cable is perfect, I tested it.
    Where the network lead goes in, there is ment to be a green light, yes? Well it is not there, its orange, but it does not flash.
    The IP and DNS settings are all correct aswell, but still, no Internet…

    Anybody got any suggestions?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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