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    Hey group –

    First of all, apologies if this is elsewhere on the forum, but I am not finding an exact answer to my questions below.

    I have posted this on the MS Forum last week and have 29 views thus far, but no replies.

    But –

    I am getting ready to update the GPO in our infrastructure. I am keen to get some pointers.

    I have located the “How to create and Manage the Central Store….” on the MS site, I can follow that with no issue…, but I think i may need some other guidance or assistance.

    First of All, we have an existing AD Environment. Single Domain, Single Forest – (Multi-Site/Multi DCs) Domain Functional Level is Server 2008, Forest Functional Level is Server 2008. I think I can install the Windows 10 GPO .msi files with no problem, correct? (Is there anything on the MS Site packing that up? – Managers need this as proof to proceed with update)

    But, I am wondering – Do I only need to install the latest one for Windows 10 Creators Update ? or Do I need to install all of them below that? (I’m thinking from an excel document I saw, I only need the above one. I do understand I may need to create different GPOs for different Win10 versions. I get that.

    Also, will my existing GPOs (for Win7) be untouched as to how I have them currently set?

    Also, “If” things do go horribly wrong, and I need to revert to the Backup of the Policy Definitions, I am unable to find any “Back Out” plans. (From the above document I did see where it shows to “copy” the Policy Definitions” folders on the Domain Controller. Is it simply copying the “backed up” definations back into the original folder?

    Any guidance would be appreciated greatly.


    OK there’s a lot going on there… let’s see if I can clear up a few things.

    1. Installing templates will not affect any of your existing policies.
    2. Templates give you settings for specific products or new settings. When viewing a GPO, it is incorporating several templates in its GUI so that you can configure the settings. Adding templates will just give you more options to choose from when configuring your GPOs.
    3. The templates are only necessary for the configuration. The actually GPOs do not reply on the templates when applying to users/computers.
    4. I imagine you can download and install the latest and it would be cumulative.
    5. Use Group Policy Management. in it is the option to backup and restore GPOs.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.



    Thanks Jeremy,

    I had suspected I’d get the sort of reply like you provided. But sometimes it is nice to hear it from someone else rather than rely on your own thoughts since you always want everything you do to have a positive outcome. I had not done a GPO update in quite a while, the last one was for Windows 7. I did not recall any issues from then, but just needed some other opinions.
    Thanks again.



    Glad to help. 8)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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