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    I have got a exchange 2013 DAG. 2 CAS server with 2 MBX server. I have inherited the setup from another admin.

    I need to renew the certificate on those exchange server. We got our own Windows CA on premise and i see that the old admin use 4 different certificates for all the exchange server cause i see they have different thumbprint.


    logically all the CAS should have the same certificate, right?
    Should MBX server should have different certificate than the CAS or the same?
    By renewing the certificate do i need to change IIS now if the old certificate as not expire yet
    I am use on dealing with one exchange server not 4 in a DAG environment

    thanks for your help in advance


    For Exchange 2016 (but basically the same as far as certificates are concerned) I would use a single certificate (with a suitable name such as and:
    Create / install on first server
    Export with private key
    Import onto second server
    repeat as needed

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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