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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m struggling with a SBS2003 to SBS2011 migration for some time now. The migration seem to work fine, except for the installation of Exchange 2010. Everything is migrated to the new SBS, like FSMO roles, DNS, DHCP, Active directory etc.

    The Microsoft Support team could not solve this problem for me. Now I virtualized the SBS2003, as I didn’t know that the MS does not support Exchange 2003 in a virtual state. Seems that i’m on my own now. I gave up the hope on fixing the migration process, so I figured I have two options left.

    Option 1:

    Manually resume the migration by installing Exchange 2010 manually and then transfer mailboxes and everything that’s left. The problem I run into here is that I get an error during installation. (see attached screenshot)

    I found some info on the internet. Some website had a possible solution for this error, but that didn’t work for me.

    Is there a way to fix this error and succesfully perform the Exchange installation?

    Option 2:

    Perform a fresh install of SBS2011 with a new domain. Recreate users and mailbox manually and tranfer everything else by hand. We have 50 users, so this could be done in a weekend I guess. Only thing I run into here, is that I have a WSS3.0 server running. I was told that it’s not easy to remove this server from the old domain and place it in a new one.

    What’s really the best way to place the WSS server into a new domain? Or is this not an option?

    Any information is welcome!



    Re: Install Exchange 2010 manually after failed migration

    What u want or have to do depends on a view things first of all
    how is it running now is everybody still happy on the old sbs?
    or are they already (partly) migrated?

    Second what method(s) did u follow to migrate?

    maybe if something is left over from the budget contact sbs migration
    they have a compleet migration package and support

    My personal opinion take the loss and start over with jeffs package
    a sbs needs to be correctly installed without a hitch if it doesn`t it will bite you


    Re: Install Exchange 2010 manually after failed migration

    SBS 2011 STD in this OS inbuild exchange, this is the reason it gives an error on installing Exchange 2010. When you starting the SBS 2011 installation there are some step in installation for create new domain & step Exchange server. Then after transfer your FSMO rules from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011, because in SBS 2011 there are by default option for Primary Domian Control.

    Thanks, :)


    Re: Install Exchange 2010 manually after failed migration

    No, you don’t create a new domain – that is the whole point of migration. Keeping the existing AD.
    You have two options/methods to migrate. The Microsoft method given in the docs downloadable from MS; The Swing method from Jeff Middleton and
    In both cases you need to reinstall/recover the original installation and data, choose your method and READ THE DOCUMENTATION VERY CAREFULLY!
    Practise it a couple of times at least in virtual machines, and then do it on your production machines, making sure you do NOT miss any of the steps.
    Of course, there is the other option you mentioned which is to destroy and start a new domain. IMHO not really an option with 50 workstation profiles to rebuild afterwards – hardly a job for a weekend, even a round-the-clock one.

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