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    I am attempting to install server 2012 via USB, same as other servers, but this IBM server is stating “operating system is missing” or similar. I used “Windows 7 usb/dvd download tool” to create the bootable windows server 2012 USB stick, pressed F12 to boot to USB, USB stick is in the back of the system…. but no luck. Currently the system has an OS installed on the hard drives, hence I know it is attempting to boot from the USB stick. In researching I see IBM recommends/requires use of their BoMC software which I have not had success creating a bootable USB stick. Anyone with IBM server experience please assist. Thanks!


    Try using Rufus and see if that works. It required DotNet Framework 3 (or 4) to work. I have tested Server 2012 with Rufus and I know that it will boot after using an ISO to created the bootable USB.

    It may also be that there is a setting in the BIOS that stops you booting from a bootable USB.


    I appears the OS must be installed via the DVD drive “ONLY” on the IBM X-series 336.


    Oh man you gotta be shitting me. And IBM wonders why they are losing market share. Appreciate the feedback on this g333. :beer: I feel your pain on the time wasted finding this out and hope the install went smooth after that discovery.


    Have I just stepped into a time warp? – the noughties called, they want their installation method back!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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