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    I currently have an NT4 Domain. I just started this job, and what I have in front of me is
    PDC -NT4.0 SP6 – Running Exchange, Backups, File Server
    BDC – NT4.0 SP6
    App Server – Win2k – Payroll, SPAM, BlackBerry

    What I want to do is Get new Hardware for DC’S and Exchange

    I can create a new AD Domain no problems, but what is my best solution to get my current users mailboxes over. I am not too worried about joining users PC’s to the new domain, but I would like to do this in 2 Parts.

    Step 1 – Create new domain – Users Authenticate to AD
    Step 2 – Migrate Mailboxes over to Exchange 2003

    Can I Create the new domain, leave my legacy domain up and running so my users can access Email, until I get the new Exchange server up and running. I would like to use the existing IP address from the current PDCExchange box for my new Exchange server, just to save some leg work with DNS, MX Records and so forth.
    Can I have Exchange 5.5 coexist with Exchange 2003?

    Dose anyone have any suggestions for this type of transition?

    I feel starting fresh by not upgrading will be my easiest way to go and cleanest.


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