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    Can someone help me out please.  I have being testing Virtual Networking using Hyperv 2016.  I have done the following using powershell….

    1. Teamed 2 onboard Physical NICs so they use LACP…. This is working fine.

    2 Added a VSwitch (Called VSwitch1) and linked it to my LCAP TEAM.

    3 Created 5 VNICs (Called, “Client Connections”, “Live Migration”, “ClusterHB”, “iSCSI” and “MgmtLan”) each VNIC was given a minimum bandwidth weight, and linked to my VSwitch called “VSwitch1”.

    At this point I can use all my VNics in my host for connectivity no problem, except for “Client Connections” VNIC.  The issue I have is with the guest network connections.  When I go to select a connection for my Guest OS, it only shows me the VSwitch1…..

    Do I need to created another VSwitch and link it to my VNIC called “Client Connections” for my guest to access the network.?





    Unless we are completely at cross purposes, VNICs belong to the guest VM and are attached to a VSwitch, so what you describe seems to be normal behaviour

    Aidan Finn


    Your VMs will each get their own vNIC and connect to the switch directly. I’m assuming that the vNICs you mention in your original question are “management OS” vNICs – these are the parent/management OS of the host only.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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