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    Hello there,

    Good day! Need help on this one?

    Most of our users have multiple PST which had served as their archive for year(s). Some PST ranges from 5 to 19 GB per file specially those personnel aged in the company.

    My concern is i am able to restrict the increase now of PST to 5GB. But this will apply to all mounted PST in their Outlook.  Which becomes an arguement.

    Is there a fix or registry key i can apply that the policy shall only restrict the MaxLargeFileSize and WarnLargeFileSize of the Default PST file, and will not restrict the other mounted Archive PST’s.

    Expectation is:
    Default PST  maximum file size 5GB
    Archive PST’s no restriction (or dependent on the Outlook version)

    Thank you in advance..



    Based on this article,, It doesn’t look like you can restrict on a per-file basis. Even if you could do that, it seems like it would be a whole lot of extra work.

    There might be alternative, and better, options. PSTs are a drag to manage anyway. You can be sure that Fred has a 19GB file, that has ALL his critical emails since the dawn of time, stored somewhere deep in his folder structture, which isn’t backed up.  On a spinning sata disk. In a laptop. which has been dropped. several times. and is just waiting for that one file 1KB email to be stored in it, to enable CorruptionMode.

    What kind of email platform do you use? If it’s office365, just give them “Exchange Online Archiving for Exchange Online” and enable mandatory archiving. Keep it all in an online archive. No need for PST at all.

    I’m sure there’s equivalent onsite archival options. In fact, I think you can even have a hybrid solution and archive to Exchange Online from OnPrem, or vice-versa



    Hi tehcamel,

    Not an 365 yet.

    I been looking also over many forums for this fix yet to no avail. what better alternative can be done?

    Do you thing a providing qouta limit on drive or specific folder will do.

    Default pst will be placed under folder or  drive qouta with 5GB, and the other pst archives mounted to different drive.

    Any one knows free application base folder qouta instead of re partitioning the drive for disk qouta?


    Assuming you are using Exchange 2010 or better, and have the correct licenses, Archive Mailboxes (in a separate database) are by far the best option.

    I think TehCamel has hit on all the issues you face with PSTs….

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