How to install pervious RAID 5 HDD in replaced Dell R710 Server?

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    Hello, I have configured RAID 5 on my Dell R710 Server and installed Windows Server 2012 on it. My server abruptly got dead and now I’ll be getting replacement. My question is my old SAS HDD were in Raid 5, how can I configure them in my new replacement server? Won’t I have lose my data? Do I have to create virtual disks again? Please help me here….!


    New server?

    Same type with the same PERC controller??

    IMO i would do the following

    1. Swap the PERC controller into the new system
    2. Move the drives from one system to the next
    3. Test

    In no way am i saying that the above will work.

    Best practice would be this

    1. Move your drives into the new system.
    2. Create your Virtual disks
    3. Restore your data from a backup.

    If you don’t have a backup then your a fool.


    You should be able to import the config from old disks into the new controller. During the server boot, access the config menu for your raid controller. Assuming you’re using the new controller, you should find a menu option to ‘import configuration’ or words to that effect. It should be able to read the config from the existing disks, assuming all the disks are on-line, and in the same slots that they came out of the old server from (slot 0 to slot 0, slot 1 to slot 1, etc).

    Suggestion by wullieb1 should also work for you, but made sure NOT to remove the battery from the controller as you move it. That battery is what keeps the config loaded on the controller when power is removed from the server. If the controller holds the config, you won’t have to import anything, the disks should boot. But same as I advised above, the disks MUST be in the same slot sequence.

    This is why backups are at least as important as the forward-facing web sites, etc., of your system.


    Thanks buddies, everything seems working fine now. I installed my previous perc controller in new server and it worked without any hassle.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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