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    my exchange setup is active directory integrated. is there anyway that i can use to backup and restore my emails offline to storage media.


    What backup solution do you use – if it supports external media, it will work.
    For example, Windows Server Backup backs up to removable drive without problems.

    If you mean “backup JUST your email”, export to PST is an option – PowerShell from the Exchange Server or direct from your Outlook client


    I want to Backup the exchange such that if the server crash, i can recover from emails and the entire system by restoring to a fresh installation.


    Windows Server Backup with the Bare Metal Restore will do the trick, although I would prefer to buy a commercial solution

    btw, is this the same environment where you have the malware?


    there is no malware, my problem is what to know if it works to backup exchange data and restore to another new server . i have two servers that sync and they are all active directory authentication. but one of the servers got infected, so i want to know if can restore from backup


    I was referring to your other thread: where you said you had a ransomware infection and no backups. I am confused by the above as you say you have no malware, then one server got infected. You have also changed from asking how to backup to “how to restore”

    Perhaps you need to give us the big picture so we fully understand the problem and the environment.


    these are sperate issues, the malware is on a NAS, I want to know how to recover from ransomeware infection,

    the other is i want to how to backup and restore to hard drive from exchange it has to do with windows issues

    i have a post under Cisco Router, i am trying to configure dhcp on a cisco switch for a particular vlan but it is not working. i have past all the steps i did but not working. kindly check it- out- for me -for assistance


    I’ll pass on the Cisco – outside my comfort zone, and we have some Cisco experts who check things out here on a regular basis.

    With regards to the backups, do you have any 3rd party software or will you rely on native solutions? What version of Windows Server and Exchange Server are you using?


    I am using windows server 2008 R2 and microsoft exchange 2010. I have not used any backup for now, only rely on replication to a secondary server


    If you don’t have any backups, you can’t restore (post #5)
    Windows Server Backup will backup Exchange – more details and process here…xchg.141).aspx but it is not a brilliant product and you would be better looking into a commercial program – BackupAssist is relatively cheap and decent (

    I hope you have cleaned your infected server and are absolutely sure Exchange is malware free before you start backing up

    And this will demonstrate clearly that High Availability (replication) is NOT a disaster recovery solution!


    Thanks, great resource from you.


    Barracuda has a few products/devices that can help, pretty simple to use/apply:


    Which email client you use…Outlook or Outlook express.
    If Outlook Express. then you may refer to this:
    You can certainly backup emails, and we always recommend that be done. In particular in your case with such a wealth of data and information you have stored in them.

    But if you then delete those emails from within OE, you won’t be able to access them from the backup. And I would add that if you do delete them, then those backups cease to be backups, but become your only copy.

    However, there may be a way to do this. I found a link in Google when I searched for Outlook Express How to relocate email folders, and I found this Is there any way to get my Outlook Express email to save on the “D” drive?. Now, that talks about moving the stored email folders to another partition, or another internal hard drive, but I wonder if it would also work with an external drive.

    I would be very cautious about this though. If a mistake is made you could lose all those emails, so I would ensure you have a backup already, preferably two backups, on two separate storage media, and do not use the external you intend to use for this experiment.

    I hope that helps, and good luck.

    8586virat wrote:
    Which email client you use…Outlook or Outlook express.

    Um, the OP states that they are using Exchange, as in Exchange Mail Server. Try using Outlook Express with that and see how far you get. :cry:


    For Restore, Windows Server Backup is a sufficient solution to back-up the data to a removable storage device. But, you need to perform Select option in WSB to back-up the data:

    a) Select Backup Date

    b) Select Recovery Type

    c) Select Recovery Items

    d) Specify Recovery Options

    To get a descriptive section for the above method, refer to the Link.

    For Backup, WSB provides functionality to back-up the data in two forms:

    a) Backup the data at once

    b) Schedule the backup.

    Notes:  You can also export Exchange Mailbox to PST for Backup. For that, you can  the use of Powershell Command & Exchange Admin Center

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