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    hey guys, my question is that i want to make my programs and applications opens faster and i did all the tweaks possible so i know i need to upgrade some hardwares for this to happen so what would you guys prefer or want me to do with my system i have now:

    1. albatron kx600 mobo
    2. AMD 2500+ Althon XP
    3. 1 (120GB) Maxtor Diamondmax HD and 1 (160GB) Maxtor Diamondmax HD
    4. Sony CD drive and BTC DVD rom drive
    5. 512MB consair ram but forgot which config

    i think i should add more ram to it???? or faster cpu???…cause all i use it is for internet, music, photos, and dvds so i switch between them alot so it get sluggish like in 3 or 4 hours so i want an upgrade to make it fresh everytime thanks guys


    Are you running XP or some other OS?

    Do you defrag your drives regularly?

    Are you running the indexing service — a major cause of slow performance?

    Have you checked for virus, trojans or spyware slowing the system down?

    The specs seem more than adequate — I have no problems with a lot lower specs than these.



    yeah i have window xp pro, i defrag once a week, and i turned off indexing services and also check and scan for viruses everytime i shut down the comp at night


    also checked for spyware?
    (using ad-aware or search and destroy)


    go to

    Read the XP Services.

    Out of 89 Services, You may need only 18 or less of them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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