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    Outside of a gpupdate cmd, a reboot, and the default GPO refresh, what else can trigger a GP update?

    The reason I ask is this, we are having some users that will be traveling between our 3 sites. At each site they have a different set of printers that we are mapping via GPO Preferences. We are also using Item Level Targeting to map the printers based on the subnet the user is on.

    The preferences work like a charm in our test environment. I can change the IP address, run a gupdate /force and have new printers mapped and default printer set. I can also reboot the computer as well to make this happen.

    I thought about changing the default refresh interval on those particular users computers to 10 minutes, but I’m afraid that might have an adverse affect on performance, unless someone else can validate that it will not.

    Another option is to reboot when they arrive at the next site, but the majority of these users put their laptop into standby or shut the lid and don’t completely shutdown to allow GPOs to refresh upon reboot. In other words, a reboot is inconvenient for them.

    Is there anything else that can trigger a refresh of GPOs, such as an IP address change?


    Re: Group Policy Update Refresh Trigger

    How about a script on the desktop they are instructed to run when they connect to a new site network?


    Re: Group Policy Update Refresh Trigger

    That’s an idea, but wanted to make it a bit more seamless to the end user if possible.


    Re: Group Policy Update Refresh Trigger


    Check gpupdate /? for more info. You can then issue gpupdate with valid switches from the server side to push the setting to the client.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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