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    I am having difficulty in getting applications to deploy to my users upon login.

    I have followed a couple of different references on this and think I have followed them to a tee but upon login on a clients machine nothing happens.

    Just briefly this is what I have implemented:

    Group Policy Management -> Domains -> (right click) My Domain -> Create a GPO in this domain.

    Add the software making sure it is in a shared folder, making sure the user has the correct permissions, making sure it is a valid .msi app and making sure it is applied. (do I have to add it to computer configuration which I have done or to user configuration or does it not matter?)

    In the security filtering I have added only the 1 user that I want it be installed with and made sure he has read permissions on the folder.

    I have also forced the group policies to be refreshed on the clients machine by doing -> cmd -> gpupdate /force which does come back and say:

    Certain User policies are enabled that can only run during login.

    Ok to logoff?. (Y/N)

    Seeing as I only have applied one GPO I am assuming the workstation is seeing it then..?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    P.S I know GPO’s are working as I have already done certain things like IE favourites and desktop wallpaper etc.


    Re: Group Policy Management – Deploying Applications

    Have you checked eventviewer on that machine you are trying to install software?


    Re: Group Policy Management – Deploying Applications

    try gpresult to see whether the GPO is actually applied.

    Gpresult now needs something else gpresult /? should help you out. It’s a 2008 thingy. Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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