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    Hi all

    Just want some advice.

    I am bout to create a second DC and obviously reading about the FSMO roles.
    Now I have read that to allow complete replication of data in a small environment (20 users) all DC’s should become GC’s. Fine with this :)

    Also that although not set in stone all 5 roles should sit on the better OS, one will be 2008 and one will be 2003 (I am converting an existing server) so fine with this.
    However on this site and elsewhere it mentions that IM role shouldn’t be on a DC that’s a GC.

    So if all DC’s should be a GC, I assume that its fine to have the IM on either one of these? I assuming that if all DC’s are GC’s then its fine if they are not all to be GC’s then this is when you split the IM and GC?

    Just asking as its seems there is a contrast/mix in information.



    Re: Global catalogue and IM FSMO role

    In a single domain forest, all DCs can be GCs — it is only in a multidomain environment that the IM should not be on a DC

    (if you think about it, a single DC must hold all FSMOs AND be a GC)


    Re: Global catalogue and IM FSMO role

    Cool I thought it would be something along those lines

    many thanks for your time :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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