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    first post in this forum for me.
    I get a strange issue with 2 trusted domains
    An user member of a domaine A, open a session onto a computer member of a domain B
    The events logged on the logonserver (domain A) seams to log the computername with an incorrect FQDN

    user frdt member of domain mydomain.local open a session on a machine pc-d-3261.myotherdomain.local
    On the logon server of the domain mydomain.local, I have in debug mode events who refers to a computername pc-d-3261.mydomain.local and not the correct FQDN of the machine pc-d-3261.myotherdomain.local from witch the session is opened

    About DNS, the machine pc-d-3261 is correctely registred in the DNS system of his domain with the correct name pc-d-3261.myotherdomain.local

    any ideas ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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