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    Good afternoon

    I have performance related issues, mainly caused by Folder Redirection in Terminal Services.

    Here is summary of our current setup:

    2003 SP2 Domain, Office 2007

    We have 3 sites with one of them being a central hub and a file server at each location. The other 2 sites connect to the central hub through Terminal Services to access company shares and our ERP software.

    Each of the users at all 3 sites, have roaming profiles with the ‘My Documents’ folder redirected using Folder Redirection to the local file server at each site. We also use Roaming Terminal Server profiles pointing to a local share at the central hub.

    When the users at the 2 other sites connect to Terminal Services, their My Documents folder is obviously being pointed back to the redirected folder at their local site. This is the initial problem as they are connected over a limited PWAN, which is often quite sluggish, so it is impractical to open documents over the network. Becuase of this we hid ‘My Documents’ from the menu’s in Terminal Services and removed it from the Places bar in Office, and encouraged them to use company shared folders instead.

    The main problem we had with this was that opening office applications like Word and Excel became slow and unresponsive and somewhere in the background, these applications recognised that there wasn’t a local My Documents folder and presumably points back to the local copy somehow, even though no documents were being opened from this location. We proved that this was causing the sluggishness by disabling folder redirection temporarily.

    What we feel we should do now, is isolate Terminal Services from the folder redirection settings through the form of a loopback policy somehow.

    How would we go about doing this, or do you have any suggestions as to how we could approach this scenario with a more efficient setup?

    Your help would be much appreciate.

    Kind Regards



    Re: Folder Redirection & Roaming Profiles in Terminal Services

    Another issue you will be having, is the ‘application data’ within the roaming profile downloading from the local server (unless I read that incorrectly and that is stored locally?).
    This can be dragging a lot of unseen profile data across the slow link when logging in, including MS Office templates that are stored in here and opened when you open docs etc, including MS Outlook data too.

    The way we got round it was to take a backup of all user profile data, and relocate to the central site, as this is where the TS sessions are running from, it makes sense for all their data to be located there. Then obviously make all the necessary AD changes to point at the new profiles. Then create seperate Folder Redirection shares for Desktop, My Docs and Application Data and create the appropriate policies.

    Hope that makes sense?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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