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    OK, I really don’t know what they’re called, but whenever you download something in Firefox, it’s the tab that appears when you click on the green arrow that allows you to run the program. Perhaps if I knew the name of it, I could find the answer in Google, but so far, no such luck.

    In my job, I do a lot of testing and have noticed some peculiar behavior that coincided with the release of v26 of Firefox. I download components of our software many times a day to test in different environments. Well, I’ve noticed that sometimes when I download, I’ll get duplicate tabs. Both tabs are pointing to the same file, which is all alone in the Downloads folder. We randomly generate an install key with each download, which is listed in the filename, so I know both tabs are for the same thing.

    Now, all that said, this could very well be the result of our software. I must have tried downloading 50 different files from Sourceforge and couldn’t duplicate the process. However, when I turn the issue over to dev, they can’t reproduce the problem. That’s when I turned to Google, but can’t find anything, so either I am using the wrong search criteria, or it’s a bug with our software.

    Has anyone else seen this behavior before?


    Re: Firefox download tabs

    While I use SeaMonkey rather than Firefox, I’ve just watched a quick video from their blogs to see how the download manager works differently between the 2.

    It sounds like the arrow is the Download Manager icon, and the window or panel which opens when you click it is called the Download Panel. That panel lists the downloads you’ve pulled or are pulling, the newest at the top of the list. Right-clicking on an entry gives you options to pause, etc. A folder icon next to an entry is a link to open Windows Explorer to show the actual file downloaded.

    If there’s a setting in the preferences for Firefox to change whether you see a panel or a new tab open to view the Manager’s list of downloads, that’s local to your login. As for duplicate entries, esp. without being able to able to duplicate the issue with commercial sites, or your own devs as well, would tend to point to something in your FF profile. Try clearing the browser’s cache and download lists, or even create a new profile with no add-ons and see whether the problem persists. But since you seem to be the only one with the issue, it’s almost certainly in your profile.


    Re: Firefox download tabs

    Well, I guess I should have mentioned that I see this on multiple OS’s. I test how our software connects through proxies, and I’ve seen this behavior in XP thru 8.1 on almost a dozen VMs where I haven’t touched the FF settings for a few versions now. However, once they all updated to v26, this is when I noticed it.

    So, that tells me it’s either that FF introduced a bug in that version, or they changed something about how their Download Manager works and now our software interacts slightly different with it. Plus, thanks to snapshots, the OS is returned to a pristine state regularly, although they are updated and re-snapshot.

    Hope this updated info helps.

    Thanks for your response, Rickles, especially for finding out the correct names.


    Re: Firefox download tabs

    Are your dev staff running the same version of FF as you? Or have you tried retro-grading your FF install? Your profile won’t be affected, but if you remove/reinstall FF to an older version, does the problem manifest still?

    Assuming it does, you may be better off asking for help with this in the newsgroup. There are a lot of very sharp folks who monitor those groups, including the programmers, so there’s a good chance you’ll get a much better answer than I can since I don’t use FF myself.


    Re: Firefox download tabs

    Thanks again, Rickles. I made a post there, too. If they happen upon a solution, I’ll post it here.

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