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    Migration from SBS2011 to Server 2016 Essentials
    Used this post to migrate with no problem. Everything was working.
    The night I finished the master AD had a hardware failure and was not able to remove the master AD from Domain. I’m trying to recover the domain to the 2016 Essentials backup AD. I used this post to recover the domain: and
    Had no problem with the steps in the post. Moved to Clean up AD and used this post:
    Next, I cleaned DNS. Deleted old DC from Name Server and replaced the old server name with a new name. Start of Authority (SOA). Check NSLOOKUP and receive this:
    primary name server =
    responsible mail addr = (root)
    serial = 0
    refresh = 28800 (8 hours)
    retry = 7200 (2 hours)
    expire = 604800 (7 days)
    default TTL = 86400 (1 day)
    Server: UnKnown
    Address: ::1
    Name: accounting-03.kkmobbs.local
    I have the same problem I started with: when I go to Active Directory Sites and Service I receive this:
    Naming information cannot be located because The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.
    I’m not sure where to go from hear. This is a small domain I can start new but all the user, GPO’s and Devices where already synced so I thought it would be easier to fix this server.


    Since you are getting IPv6 addresses back, there may be something up with your IPv4 stack. Have you checked the server IP is OK?


    Thanks, I overlook the part of the message. I had the same problem when a set of DHCP on the server. I disabled the unused nick card in the server so I will go back and check the IP 6 on the working nick


    Ossian, Thanks that fixed the DNS resolve problem, but when I go into Active Directory Sites and Services still getting “Naming Information Cannot be located…” I will rest.

    Kobe 310

    Try this link, someone else had the same problem and this resolved it.


    Sorry, for the delay. Thanks, Kobe 310 I will look at the link and let you know.


    Yep no Netlogon folder. Infact the SysVol folder was empty. so i guess the other dc never replicated to the new on. This link fixed that problem;

    If i was working on a network with a lot of users and policies i would have look for another solution. This domain is very small so going back to default GPO’s was not a problem.Alluser account are still in the system. I will make GP’s.
    Thanks for all the help

    Kobe 310

    No problem, i’m glad to see you got it fixed!!!

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