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    Hi ,

    I am using VMWare Esxi 5.0 , I have created one virtual host ” cent os 5.8 ” and take a snap shot of it . Now can i export it from my esxi server to one another system where i am using a vmware workstation 7. Can i get back the system at same stage.

    Please help…



    Re: Export Virtual Machine

    will vmware converter helpful in this operation


    Re: Export Virtual Machine

    Remove the snapshot firstly.

    Will you be needing this same configured machine multiple times?

    You could clone this and then convert that to a template which will allow you to deploy it many times.

    Ultimately though if all you want to do is copy the files then shutdown the machine and copy the files from the datastore to your desired location then add the files into Workstation.


    Re: Export Virtual Machine

    Another option is to shutdown the VM and export it from within the vSphere Client to OVF format, you can import that directly into Workstation or other VMware products.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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