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    I am in the planning process of migrating my Exchange 2000 server to 2007. I have a few questions. I plan on running the new Exchange server on a VM (probably be 2008 server core). I only have 250 email users and was wondering if splitting apart the server roles would have any benefit for me. It was suggested that I divide the Exchange tasks over two virtual machines instead of just one like my 2000 install is (hub transport on one, the balance on the other). This is new ground for me so I am not sure what the best path would be.

    I have read up on the 2003 to 2007 migration and I plan on upgrading my 2000 Exchange server to 2003 before I start the process. Since I will have both machines running at the same time, this looks like a fairly straight forward process. Are there any catches that I should be on the lookout for before I start?

    Thanks for any suggestions or pointers.


    Re: Exchange Migration

    dratnol;138326 wrote:
    I plan on running the new Exchange server on a VM (probably be 2008 server core).

    Can’t do that.

    Exchange 2007 will not install on core. You need the full product.
    I wouldn’t bother upgrading your Exchange 2000 server to 2003. It put the data at unnecessary risk unless you are going to do a swing migration. A swing migration would be a waste of time if you are going to Exchange 2007 shortly afterwards.

    For 250 users I wouldn’t bother splitting the roles. The gain is limited at best.



    Re: Exchange Migration

    Have a read of this too:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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