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    I’m managing Exchange 2003 for a client in Ireland. I’ve setup forwarding for [email protected] because she’s gone to work at the companies spanish offices for now.
    They have an unrelated domain (Different Forest) They have setup an account and email for Mary there, [email protected].

    I’m forwarding all incoming mail for Mary to her spanish address [email protected]
    However, the only time it’s not working is when someone in the domain sends and email to [email protected], these emails are not forwarded to [email protected]. All other emails are forwarded successfully to [email protected].

    This one has me stumped, and I can’t see anything relating to the issue anywhere.

    Any ideas?

    MCSE, MCT, MCITP, CNE, CNI etc..


    Re: Exchange Forwarding or not?

    I seem to have figured out what’s happening.

    I checked the users sent mail, and I can see that it is forwarding all email that is received. So the problem is on the other end. I’m still curious as to why they are accepting all forwarded email from [email protected], except ones forwarded, that were originally sent from


    Re: Exchange Forwarding or not?

    spam filters see too many re-written headers… ?


    Re: Exchange Forwarding or not?

    The way that Exchange forwards emails is seen by many sites as spoofing, because it doesn’t change the headers. That pretty much means that the forwarding method cannot be relied upon, because if the original sender has anti-spoofing measures on their domain and the recipient (ie who you are forwarding to) is checking those, then it will be seen as spoofed email and the email dropped.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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