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    I have an SBS2011 server running the latest version of Exchange. My current setup is an MX record that sends email to IP and a subsequent PTR record that goes in reverse.

    I have setup another two domains as authorative domains and have been using SBS POP3 connector to use them but due to a sudden increase of users for those domains, I would like to make them “exchange complliant”.

    My idea is to change the MX records for each domain to and use the webhost as a backup with a higher priority to ensure some redundancy. How would I go about setting up the PTR for the new domains though?

    From my understanding you can only have one PTR per IP.

    To summarise:

    Primary domain: MX record -> PTR-> domainname -> (which works fine)
    secondary domain: MX record-> PTR->?


    You are talking about public domains, not internal domains. Its much easier than that.

    You have and your mx is
    you want to receive mail for you do NOT need to make a mx of, you can just create an mx record for domain2 pointing to

    Now, you will still need to get the autodiscover working properly which means either getting a cert with all of the names or setting up an http redirect site.

    Hope that helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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