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    Hello all

    We have a SBS2011 server, with Exchange 2010.

    Exchange is configured with POP3 connectors to pull in the email from a hostpapa server

    However, we have to periodically login to Hostpapa and access the accounts as they accumulate ‘spam’ emails, which exchange doesn’t seem to want to download. The upshot of this is that collection of emails slows gradually until some days they can be 30-60 minutes ‘late’
    Once these spams are deleted from the hostpapa server then delivery period returns to normal !!

    Anyone else seen/dealt with this?
    I’d sooner they all download and the server or users deal with them as it’s a pain to have to go through this routine regularly!



    Doesn’t hostpapa offer SMTP delivery direct to your Exchange server?
    (Or could you configure your MX records to go direct to Exchange?)


    I have the same thing here with Hetzner but with dynamic IP and want to go to Exchange 2013 for better spam protection. I want to see how you setup that .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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