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    can anyone tell me how how to configure OWA 2003 for HTTP access inside the office and HTTPS access externally. I can only seem to set either one or ther other. I have currently set the IIS default website / Directory Security / Requires secure Channel and 128 bit encryption to on. I have also tried doing this on just the exchange virtual folder in IIS however I can only seem to access OWA via https rather than http inside the office and https outside the office

    any help would be great



    Re: Exchange 2003 HTTP and HTTPS OWA

    I suspect the only way you could do this is with multiple web instances, using separate hostheaders/IPs

    or, of course, multiple servers.


    Re: Exchange 2003 HTTP and HTTPS OWA

    First – you have made the common error that HTTPS is something that you switch on and off. It isn’t. The only way to stop using HTTPS is to remove the SSL certificate and port mapping in IIS manager.

    The require SSL setting does not toggle HTTPS on or off, it simply means that the secure connection is required and returns an error if you don’t. You can leave it turned off and still use HTTPS.

    Therefore the simple answer to your question is not to enable require SSL, but instead don’t allow port 80 through your firewall. You can then use HTTP internally and HTTPS externally.

    Another option is to configure a split DNS system and then use HTTPS everywhere. The same URL will work internally and externally.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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