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    Hi there

    I am currently running Exchange 2003 with a 100+ users.

    We have a customer wanting us to enable TLS and i m planning on following a guide found on

    My question is when we enable TLS will this affect our existing users?

    Any help on this will be great



    Re: Exchange 2003 and TLS

    Yes. On Exchange 2003, TLS is basically either on or off. Starting with 2007, Exchange allows you to enable TLS without requiring its use, but with 2003, it appears to be all or none.


    Re: Exchange 2003 and TLS

    thanks for the feedback

    Yes, as in it will affect our existing users? in what way will they loose anything? or do they need to be reconfigured?


    Re: Exchange 2003 and TLS

    When I say the change will affect them, I just mean that it will encrypt their email over the wire. You shouldn’t have to do anything with existing accounts.


    Re: Exchange 2003 and TLS

    If you enable TLS on your existing SMTP virtual server then it will affect existing users in that you will not be able to receive most of your email. You must use a different host name and IP address for TLS on Exchange 2003.

    Better still, upgrade to a newer version of Exchange which can handle this within your existing MX records. Exchange 2003 is EOL.

    You will find that a lot of the companies that require you to use TLS will NOT want to use a different host name for the traffic.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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