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    Hello, I would need some help in restoring our exchange 2000 database. To make a long story short I wanted to move my current setup to a new HDD, during this the disk that held the priv1.edb and priv1.stm files, lost it’s partition, I restored the partition with a partition restore utility. The files seem to be intact, but exchange doesn’t want to mount the store saying that the files have been moved.The files are in the same directory and drive as before. I tried esetutil /r it said Performing soft recovery operation completed successfully in 7.31 seconds, still I can’t mount the store. Eseutil says that the store is in a dirty shutdown state.
    I have two backups daily and weekly with ntbackup, both completed successfully on Saturday am after each other, but when I try to restore with ntbackup restore wizard it doesn’t recognise the .bkf files, when I choose from the list of available backups I can see the backup was made on 2011.03.12 0:29, but when I start the restore it ask for name of the file I want to use to restore, I select the .bkf file but it always brings me back to the same dialod. This this mean none of my backups are usable?
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    Re: Exchange 2000 restore

    I think I managed to solve it today. For some reason ntbackup restore started after about the 30th trial and completed successfully. I did a defrag with eseutil of both public and mailbox store after the restore, it shrank by 6GB was 16.6 now is 10.6. Both stores are now mounted.


    Re: Exchange 2000 restore

    Well done for getting it sorted and thanks for letting us know.

    I’d recommend that you assess the health of your Exchange setup and your backup strategy, given the problems you’ve experienced. Hopefully it was down to bad luck, but I’m sure you’d agree it’s far preferable to find out there’s a problem when testing rather than when having to rely on a backup again.


    Re: Exchange 2000 restore

    You should also be seriously thinking about moving on from an 11 year old system that is long out of support.

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