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    Does anyone know what is happening with this Excel sheet?

    One of our finance staff asked how this had happened but I have never seen this before.

    Initially I thought it was a Freeze Panes config but the entire sheet is being repeated on the right and the area enclosed by the red ellipse can be dragged so that the position of the division between the two can be adjusted left or right.

    Searching :google: for ‘excel columns duplicated’ or ‘repeated’ just brings up gazillions of links to repeating column headers or using Freeze Panes.

    Can anyone enlighten me, please?




    Re: Excel columns repeated in same sheet

    It is not frozen panes but there are horizontal and vertical splitter bars which allow viewing different parts of the window side by side.
    Just drag the bar you identified in your picture to the margin (cant remember if left or right) and it will revert to a single view


    Re: Excel columns repeated in same sheet

    Haha! Thanks, Ossian! I knew it would be easy but as it was an Accounts file I was not going to mess with it.

    I see now where I went wrong – when I use the splitter I always freeze it which converts the ‘bar’ into a ‘line’, hence why I did not recognise it.

    Thanks again :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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