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    I am trying to get some word and pdf files off of a computer. i had encrypted them, but had to recently delete the administrator password to get access again to the computer and files. however, b/c they are encrypted i cannot open or save them. i do know the password that was in existence for the administrator when i created the files and have reset that password, but am still unable to gain access to the files. is there anything i can do??


    When you encrytped the files did you designate a recovery agent?


    I second that. Without a Recovery Agent (or at least the original certificate used to encrypt the files) you stand little or no chance to recovering the encrypted files. Also, remembering the old password will do you no good now. You need the RA cert or the cert of the user who encrypted the files.

    BTW, if it was the original Domain Admin who encrypted the files – there will be no other RA in that case (because the administrator himself is the default RA)…


    more info

    there are two long on options to the computer…administrator and general user. i had been logging on as an administrator and was typing up my files under that account. my boss changed the administrator password, so i went in and erased the administrator password so i could get to the files. when i did this, i tried to put the password back to the one it had been when i was using it, but to no avail. to be honest, i really don’t know what the recovery agent is. i’m not that knowledgable in computers unfortunately. it was only through friends that i was able to erase the password and get onto the computer. if there’s no way to decrypt those files, i’ll just delete them. if it helps…the computers are using XP home professional. thanks


    Well then, as I said, you’re out of luck. There is no RA on XP in a workgroup model (in a domain config there’s the Domain Admin from the first DC in the domain that’s acting as RA).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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