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    I made the dumb mistake of naming my internal domain the same as the internet domain (compname.com). Therefore internally the server would be server.compname.com (internally). The problem I have (only on XP machines – all others are Win98) is accessing the internet email. It would be mail.compname.com so Outlook tries to find it but can’t. I do have the Forwarder pointing to the ISP DNS’s but still does not work. BTW the server is running DHCP. I went into the DHCP settings and found were I could add the ISP’s DNS numbers. This would work about 80% of the time then Outlook would fail to see mail.compname.com.
    I believe this to be a DNS issue. My question is: How can I resolve it or should I just reinstall Win2000 server with a different domain name such as compnamedomain.com

    Thank You



    You don’t need to reinstall

    It happens all the time. Just make sure that all clients point to your internal DNS.
    Inside the company.com zone on your internal DNS, duplicate all the entries that are written in the external DNS zone. Just make sure the IP addresses are ok.

    If you need any more help let me know.


    In my opinion, to prevent future issues, and to make things as efficient as possible, demote your domain controller and run dcpromo again, but this time create a different domain name.

    I usually use .local for my internal domain (i.e. sagemind.local)


    Thats a great Idea Gibber :D


    The following article might help you deal with so called “split DNS” you have created:

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