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    I am looking for an EXPERT in Israel who can help me extract many years of email data (messages and contacts) from “Windows Live Mail” on my Windows 7 so I can switch to a serious, reliable new email client (open to suggestions). I would normally do it myself, but my messages and contacts seem to be scattered around many folders, and I am not conversant with, for instance, merging contacts.edb files.

    I set up WLM on my new Windows 7 way-back-when by importing from OE on XP, so a certain amount of confusion entered the system at the start. Then there were updates, and also there is the matter of “Windows Live Mail” databases vs. “Live ID” databases (I never used any Live services/functions, but my WLM connected automatically to Live ID upon opening, and now that I turned it off, I see I am missing a lot of contacts). Since Windows seems to have cut off all support for all “Windows Live” apps, I feel this major cleanup/transfer task is probably beyond my abilities. Things started getting screwed up this week with the new MS login system (my WLM was negatively affected), and now I see support for all things “Live” is now discontinued. I’m running into problems now logging into/out of LiveID which has become necessary to both see all my contacts AND to have my WLM working. So my first request is to find a competent local professional well-versed specifically in “Windows Live Mail” and “IDLive” and merging their message and contacts databases on Windows 7.

    At the same time, I would be happy to receive input from Petri People regarding recommendations for an email client. I would be happy to have my email system totally separated from the internet (apart from the PC desktop app downloading emails from the local server, of course), although perhaps I will change my mind on this in the future. I do not use any clouds, web-based email, social networking, gmail, etc. and try to keep away from google and MS-online wherever possible. I very much liked OE, and WLM less so, although it was the closest thing I found to OE. Was thinking of Outlook (which I have on my system but never used). I have one desktop PC used only by myself.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    Janet in Jerusalem
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


    I have used various mail clients in the past, one which I took the plunge with and have now been using for several years is Postbox. I have needed to contact their support just twice in the years I have been using it and they resolved my problem very quickly each time. I have migrated the entire mail store from a Win7 to a Win8 PC with no problems at all – Postbox picked up the mail with no issues. All I needed to do was supply the passwords for each account. It also breezed through the Win 8 to Win 10 upgrade. It’s a very resilient program, has a lot of useful features and I find it easy to use.



    Email Clients for Windows

    Postbox-inc also is able to Import mail from WLM.

    Outlook can also import mail and calendar from WLM.

    Make sure you have a copy/backup or two of WLM before you try to import into your chosen email client otherwise Murphy’s Law will surely bite you on the bum. :cry:


    You can try desktop email clients like Outlook or Thunderbird or OperaMail. These are the most recommended clients and suggested by many users. And to use your WLM files into another format, you need to convert the Windows Live Mail format that supports files types like EML and MBOX. EML is the format that is easily accessible to almost every email clients and MBOX file format is supported by Thunderbird or Opera Mail; Including other clients like Apple Mail, Endora etc. I recommend for Outlook or Thunderbird.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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