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    I just purchased a computer that was part of an enterprise network run by Zennetworks (ie Novell).
    Unfortunately, the computer was not disconnected properlly (at least at client’s side) from the network it has been attached to.
    Resulting this I got stacked with a PC which I want to avoid formatting and reinstalling. In order to avoid that I’ve been looking for methods for converting
    the machine into a Workgroup member rather than a sort of domain attaced machine.

    My intents included usage of diffeent tools inclouded in Hiren’s Boot Cd and many tools it incloudes.
    amongs them, there was a tweaker an apparentlly tweaker allowing taking the machime of the organizational network

    I also tried loading the registry hives both as distant registry (while using Hiren’s BCD as the booting source)
    But could not tell what to delete.additionally I uncheked al the Zennetwork related starting registry keys and so.
    Another tool also found a tool that apparentlly allowed the dseired “divorce” converting the machine to a non-domain one which failed.

    I was doing all the avobe both as I ran the machine with its host OS (while trying to take advantge of a tool named Windowsgate
    which soupossly is ment exactally for the goals I want perform while booting the machine using its host OS as the one which the machine
    was booted with, but which I dont’ know how to use.
    What it allowed me was getting access to file explorer thus allowing some exwcutables to invoked
    (tools those on mentioned boot cd). of the from the mentioned boot CD as thr hsost OS was running.

    Intents to run control panel were blocked by policies crateed by the sys-admins
    If anybody can provide any details on how to breakdown this mariage without
    the need to format the machine and loosig things installed there
    I’d love too get any good adviceI would appreciate it very much

    Thanks in advancce to anybody who may try to assist


    Why would you keep the existing Operating System? Why would you not wipe the machine and install a fresh OS?


    The reason is that OS is installed and came with a couple of tools I’d love to keep. It used to be part of a practicing class at a university.
    the installed tools can be usefull for me, and they are just there. I presume I can clean install using anothe hdd, then use tools like PCMover and keep them all/
    I am not comfident that doing this In such a way would be doing the right way in any sense.


    Personally, I’d recommend wiping it and starting from scratch. You don’t know what else may be on that machine: key logger, rootkit, malware, etc., etc.

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