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    We have configured DHCP Scope on a Server Windows 2003 R2 32Bit as Follows
    Ip range – to (its is for laptop users Only )
    Now I want to manage reservation for two Laptop for their LAN and WAN IP.

    Laptop1 LAN: (With Proper MAC Address)
    Laptop1 WAN: (With Proper MAC Address)

    Is it a correct Combination ? want to achieve Users of laptop1 should get IP when he Connected to LAN and When he connected to WAN.

    In DNS Server We have Some DNS entries for Hostname for above Scope; how to Delete the Duplicate Entries in one go from DNS Forward zone and reverse zone ?

    James Haynes

    Re: DHCP Server Configuration

    im not following your vision here…

    your scope is thats well and good, but what is the IP for the server? maybe im missing something, but if your using that scope thru your internal network and there is just the one server, then maybe it should be and the range should be am i making sense to you?

    the laptop IP can be managed with a reservation on the DHCP server. you will need the MAC address of the network adapter in question and access to the DHCP MMC to do so…

    im not clear on what your trying to do with the second address. if your talking about the same adapter being assigned two different addresses on the same network, then just stop talking like that because it doesnt work like that unless your using some kinda teamed adapter or a shared IP resource or something weird…

    the reservation will take 1 MAC address and set its IP to 1 address. if you want conditional addresses and policies for network access, you will need to work with ISA policies or something similar, but out the box things dont work like that.

    also, i think when your saying WAN you are actually meaning WLAN, right? see, the address is not globally routable and would not be useful on a WAN, so i think you mean that you want the laptop to get an IP address on the wired connection based on the wired MAC addy and the other adapter will get the other address with the WLAN MAC, yes?

    that is possible and easy to do. you will need to make sure that the WAP’s are st up to allow DHCP pass-thru or they have the helper address or something. all im saying is make sure that the WLAN users are getting an IP address out of your DHCP scope and not via a NAT setup or from the WLANs own DHCP server feature…


    Re: DHCP Server Configuration

    You could always set your scope to hand out leases from x.x.x.3-x.x.x.20, although x.x.x.1 is usually reserved for your default gateway.

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