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    I’ve set first DNS value in my router to the Domain Controller’s IP yet i’m unsure if i need to set say the ISP’s DNS in the second entry or just point to the Domain Controller only.

    Thanks for your help


    The normal setup is DHCP provides clients with your DNS-enabled DCs as their DNS servers, then the DCs have ISP DNS servers set up as forwarders. If you point the clients straight at the ISP DNS servers, they may end up bypassing the DCs and causing logon failures etc.


    Hi all,I am looking for some help as in best practice for a network environment.I have a windows server dhcp, my dhcp works fine but i want my dhcp users to also access internet from my router, in my dhcp server i already put my gateway as my routers ip but still no internet access i notice in windows dhcp there is an option 006 dns should this be set with my isp dns?? For internet access to work??? I dont want to use rras on my server as it is not reliable, i prefer to use an independent router, will i need to also add a new dns entry to my server??
    see: https://luckypatcher.pro/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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