DFS over WAN

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    I have two server (windows 2016) on different sites and different domain
    I need to syncronize two folder on these servers and I think that DFS Replication will be the right way
    I have a couple of question
    1- Those two domains should be in the same forest?
    2- In the main site we have a 20+20 bandwith, from the other site the bandwith is 30+3, 3Mb Upload could be a problem?

    Any link to documentation on this argument it’ll be appreciated


    The upload speed will be a limitation – try to do the initial sync from the “other end”, but once it is synced, DFS can work with surprisingly low bandwidth.

    Obviously a lot depends on the volume of changed data and how up to date you want both ends to be, but I have run DFS with similar ADSL speeds.


    OK, this is a good news, and what about the forest?Two domains needs to be in the same forest?


    Sorry, missed that bit. I have always had sites in the same domain, so not sure about inter-forest issues.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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