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    I’m looking for a way of configuring the BIOS settings on 300 plus workstations WITHOUT having to logging to windows on them.Something were I can create a bootable usb to just set BIOS options (Password, boot order, PXE boot etc) I need to set these options before we image them so I cannot do a network deployment and I don’t want to have to turn each on wait for all the Windows Hello **bleep** to get to the desktop where I can run a bios config from there. Does anything like this exist?

    I found this Dell program but it only lets me create a file that can be run form Windows nothing bootable I’ve found.


    You could look into SCCM with Intel AMT – this gives some ability to manage below the level of the OS

    Alternatively you could see if the vendor has some suitable technology (e.g. DRAC, iLO and such like)


    I’m assuming you are a Dell house??

    HP has this which you can use in WnPE so maybe possible using MDT??…utility64-exe/

    Dell has this which you can also use in WinPE so again maybe in MDT??…oyment?lang=en

    What do you use to deploy systems, assuming you have some sort of deployment system in place?


    Sorry looks like Dell have updated the tool.


    We use Dell mostly the link you posted erros out


    Dell link works fine for me (in UK – WIn10/IE11)


    Works fine for me in AU

    Search for Dell Command and Configure


    The first link works the second one doesn’t. The problem I’m having is all these options are for WINPE or in SCCM. I need to set BIOS options before the machines will PXE boot to even get to see an SCCM job. Thats the settings I’m trying to find a way of setting up.

    Insert the following “Run Command Line” tasks into the Task Sequence just after “Format and Partition Disk” (start each in x:cctkx86).

    • CCTK –setuppwd=password” where password is your correct BIOS password.
    • CCTK –tpm=on –valsetuppwd=password
    • CCTK –tpmactivation=activate –valsetuppwd=password
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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