D-Link Lockout

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    What’s the best way to access the admin part of the D-Link router when you have forgotten the password?


    Re: D-Link Lockout

    If you changed the default password, then you will have to hard reset the router to factory default.
    For a list of defaults :google:

    James Haynes

    Re: D-Link Lockout

    if it is a home router, then the chances are the config wasnt very detailed or complex…

    on the router is a reset button…

    while the router is powered on, press and hold down the reset button for 6 seconds, then remove the power cord while still holding the reset button down. count to 3, then release the reset button. connect the power cord, and viola!

    you will have to hit google for the default admin logon and IP scheme of the router at default…

    could be:
    admin, admin
    -null-, admin
    admin, password
    -null-, password
    admin, -null-

    good luck.


    Re: D-Link Lockout

    If You are useing the DLink DCM-202 Model. The Default Login is dlink.

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