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    I am new to forums so please bear with me. I administer two offices that are set up on two seperate forests/domains. To simplify and consolodate servers I want to migrate users from domain2 over to domain1. Domain2 has about 50 accounts. I will be exmerging mailboxes from domain2 and moving over to domain1 to newly created domain accounts. This may not be the best way to migrate users over, but it works for me. We are on 2003AD/Exchange2003. I’m wondering if I should edit the default recepient policy from domain1 with the e-mail address from domain2 or should I create a new policy. What would the benifit be in creating a new policy? I added an e-mail address to existing users about a year ago by just editing the default policy. I am planning on following the same procedure unless anyone thinks creating a new policy would be the better option. I will probably not apply changes to all recepients when adding this e-mail address, and maunally adding to the new accounsts. There may be a handful o users that will require both addresses. I’ve read that ADModify is helpful for bulk changes in Exchange. I have not used this before; would it be better to use this instead of adding the domain2 addresses to the new user accounts manually? Would I then be able to use this tool to also remove domain1 e-mail addresses for domain2 users? Thanks!


    Re: Creating a new exchange recepient policy versus modifying the default policy

    The question you have to answer is, if the new users should have the same email addresses including the primary SMTP address as the already existing users, also if the existing users should get the new email address from the new users.

    If the answer is yes, all users should have the same address, you don’t need a new recipient policy.

    If you want to manually edit email address you have to remove the tag that addresses gets updated automatically, this also means that no recipient policy will be applied in the future.

    Lets look at your szenario:
    User 1 should stay as is – should be handled by the Default Recipient Policy
    User 2 should have both addresses – based on the number I would create a new policy or edit them manually
    User 3 should only have new addresses – I would create a new policy

    And yes ADModify is a nice tool, but you have to use it carefully as always.


    Re: Creating a new exchange recepient policy versus modifying the default policy

    Thanks for the quick reply FischFra. I guess what I want to do for the new users if just give them their current address from domain2. They should not need any other addresses from domain1. I wanted to create these users before the migration though, so any new users I add now will follow the current default policy. Would I need to create the new recepient policy before adding the new users from domain2? I’m afraid if I create this policy now and start adding users before the scheduled cut-over, e-mails to domain2 from domain1 users would not be sent out to domain2 as domain1’s exchange server will think these users are local. Sorry if this sounds confusing.

    I figured that it would be less trouble to just edit the default policy and let everyone have the different e-mail addresses, but I know easier is not always better. Thanks again for the help.


    Re: Creating a new exchange recipient policy versus modifying the default policy

    Best practise is to not touch the default policy at all.
    I usually create a separate policy for each domain the server is supporting, and then adjust the filters to ensure that the correct email address is applied to the user. This makes it easier to establish who is getting what email address.



    Re: Creating a new exchange recepient policy versus modifying the default policy

    If you are worried that your mailflow will gets broken when creating new users and a new recipient policy, just create those users and don’t mailbox enable them.

    If you want to have the new users in both AD you have to configure mail contacts as well in order to provide mailflow between both Exchange organizations.

    The new recipient policy should be in place once you start to mailbox enable the new users and migrating mailbox content from the old to the new mailbox.

    Make sure you use only one Exchange organization for incoming and outgoing email to and from the internet (or any other connection).

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