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    How would you in conjunction with your ISP create an exchange environment? Let me explain:

    Let’s say I want to have an AD named “test”. I want teh users to have the format

    [email protected] , [email protected]. I can go in exchange server and create these and these users can mail to one another.

    But if a user from hotmail want to mail [email protected] how do I set this up? Do I simply go to my isp and request a pop account from which the mail server retrieves the mail and then redistributes it amongst my users? How do I let exchange do that? Where do I find the appropriate settings?

    Or does this go differently?


    Re: Craeting exchange 2003 from scratch

    The ‘official’ way with Exchange is to use SMTP and not POP. If you get a POP account from the ISP then you can only access this using a client like Outlook Express. ISP’s can often offer like 10 mailboxes per POP account but there are so many other limitations on POP that it is not practical for business. So, let’s go SMTP and here’s a first draftoutline on how to do this. Others will no doubt fatten the draft until we get to draft #2!

    A simple setup, ISP, connectivity might be broadband from the ISP to your home or office. You have a routerswitch with a few free ports at the back!

    1. Install your Exchange 2003 server, get it to be responsible for a domain that you already own. Let’s say you have already sorted out from your ISP.

    2. You will need a dedicated IP address so that you can assign it to your Exchange Server. Get this from your ISP for perhaps not much per month.

    3. You’ll need to get to be known on all the DNS servers around the world. In particular, you want all the DNS servers around the world to know that your mailserver is available on your new IP address. So you want to update the MX record part of your DNS entry. Most ISP’s provide a web way for you to do this, but if not, you’ll need to contact your ISP in some other way.

    4. Once you’ve done this, the whole world will know that your server will accept mail for your domain. Well, afer a day or two for replication around the world.

    5. But your router needs to be configured to forward anything on port 25 to your server. Here, I’ve assumed that your router has more than one computer attached to it. Your router will have a config screen of some type to do this, and your mailserver will have it’s own internal IP address. You’ll need to do something like:

    From your External IP Address >> Any traffic on Port 25 >> my server on IP

    Then you are in business. Mail should start flowing into your server.

    Hope this helps…



    Re: Craeting exchange 2003 from scratch

    Thank you so much Robby this helps a bundle. So where in exchange can I let it listen to the ip address i have created?


    Re: Craeting exchange 2003 from scratch

    No need I found a great tutorial by accident heer is the link for anyone that is intrested:


    Re: Craeting exchange 2003 from scratch


    Just for those still keeping an eye on this thread, you shouldn’t have to do anything to Exchange or the Server to get it to ‘listen’.

    Your server will have it’s internal IP address. Perhaps something like 192.168.X.X.
    Your ISP will have set you up with an external IP. Where you’ll actually configure this so that it all joins up is at your router.

    In other words, mail will flow down your external IP address to your router. Your router is ‘listening’ on port 25. It’s the job of your router to direct all the port 25 mail to your Exchange Server on its internal IP address.

    Good luck with your endeavours!



    Re: Craeting exchange 2003 from scratch

    I would suggest you purchase a copy of Train Signal’s Exchange 2003 CBT. This Lab will provide you with the tools to enable you to setup an Exchange Server and get it working correctly in a very short time.

    Highly recommended.

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