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    I use Office 2003 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
    Doc and docx files are set to open with Word.
    There is no problem with doc and docx files automatically opening with Word. No problem viewing and editing them.
    PROBLEM: doc files are not viewable in Preview Panes of Windows Explorer (nor in preview panes of other file managing apps).

    In my Set Associations” window, doc (etc) files are shown as using Word as their default app.
    But if I go to “Change Program” window, it surprisingly shows WordPad as the default.
    Clicking on Word did not succeed in changing it to show Word as the default app.
    So I Browsed to winword.exe (on my system at D:TEXTMicrosoft Office 2003OFFICE11WINWORD.EXE) and set it as default app. that way.
    But I still find that if I later go to “Change program” again, it always reverts to showing WordPad as the default again. Here is screen cap:
    [ATTACH=JSON]{“alt”:”Click image for larger version Name:tWord or WordPad.jpg Views:t1 Size:t47.8 KB ID:t510551″,”data-align”:”none”,”data-attachmentid”:”510551″,”data-size”:”custom”,”height”:”1081″,”title”:”Word or WordPad.jpg”,”width”:”1054″}[/ATTACH]

    Everything about automatically opening, viewing and editing doc files works fine. The ONLY problem is inability to view the contents in Preview panes. I would like very much to regain this ability (which I have not had for a long time). Do not know what was done to the system way-back-when which caused this problem.

    Thanks very much for any help.


    Try running a Repair on Office and see if that helps. Got to Control Panel, Programs and Features, Microsoft Office 2003 and Repair. This may reassociate the .doc with Word. You may need to run the DOCX Compatibility app after it has “Repaired” and then again, you may not. I haven’t had to run a repair on Office 2003 for such a looooooooong time that I have forgotten (if I ever remembered in the first place).


    Thanks for your prompt reply!

    I ran the repair for Microsoft Office 2003 with the required Pro11.msi file from the CD. It did not help. I can still view txt and rtf files in the preview pane but not doc or docx files. The only noticeable change is I think it fixed my Word icons because I now have different icons for rtf and text files (I think before they were all with the Word icon, but I’m not sure).

    I tend to think this is a Word problem, since I can preview txt and rtf files with no problem. Also I can view pretty much every kind of image file (including bmp and tga) as well as complex pdf files (shows all pages of file), 2d graphics files (shows all pages of file), and photoshop files.

    I believe the ability to view doc files was lost when I tried a trial download of OneNote. It added SOOOOO many extraneous files to my system in so many places….:-(…. I do not use any social networking, nor web based email clients, nor clouds and am not happy about having all that junk on my system. When I wanted to get rid of it, I was not sure about what files were OK to delete. Can’t do a normal Revo uninstall with MS Office…… I should also perhaps mention that my system is Hebrew-and Arabic-enabled with an English interface. That took a while to get all features working flawlessly, which is why I do not want to reinstall Office….

    I use Previews a lot when looking through folders and consequently really miss it for my many doc files.


    Backup all your data.
    Uninstall Office 2003.
    Run the Fix it for me tool on this page. (scroll down a bit)
    Reinstall Office and apply Service Pack 2.

    If you think it was OneNote that caused the damage, did you download the 2003 version or a later one that is available from Microsoft?

    OneNote 2003 SP2
    Download and install
    Install Office 2003 SP3

    Office Compatibility Pack if required.

    If it is possible, get a later version of Office but do NOT get Office 2013 unless you only like the colours White, Light Grey and Dark Grey. Office 2016 has a Coloured setting or you could go with Office 2010.

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