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    I have found the instructions to copy the flash from a switch, so that I can upgrade another switch. My questions is, will the switch continue to operate normally while the copying process is going on, or will it cause the switch to stop working?


    Well… you haven’t given us any details on the make, model, or version info for the switch in question, but generally a copy operation does not interrupt the functioning of the switch.


    I was actually wondering if the OP really meant the switch configuration. Copying the flash from a switch doesn’t make any sense what so ever, well not to my tiny little brain. :?

    James Haynes

    yeah, i was assuming he meant a cisco, but that left me right where you are biggles77. copying the flash doesnt fit in that statement..

    if you are using a cisco, you can copy the configs without bothering anything.

    copy startup-config tftp:
    copy tftp: startup-config
    then either save the config with wr mem or do like ‘copy startup-config running-config’ and reload.


    Sorry, I have not checked back on this. The switch in question is a Cisco 3512 (yes, ancient) and I have a couple of 3512s with Maintenance Interim Release flash on them, that I want to change to Release software. My research has shown that if I copy the flash from a Release software 3512, I should be able to flash a Maintenance Interim Release to Release. I wanted to know if while I am doing the copying, will the switch be affected. Also, what is the difference between a Maintenance Interim and a Release flash? Could a switch be operated normally with a Maintenance Interim flash?

    James Haynes

    i can refer to some Cisco fine print that will explain the differences… one is like a beta, the others are tried and true tested releases:

    Cisco ASA Interim Release Notes

    The software images listed below are Interim releases. They contain bug fixes which address specific issues found since the last Feature or Maintenance release. The images are fully supported by Cisco TAC and will remain on the download site only until the next Maintenance release is available. If you do not have a specific problem which is resolved by an Interim release, we recommend that you use the Feature or Maintenance release images.

    Important: These images were not fully regression tested. Each individual fix was unit tested, and the image has had a limited amount of automated regression testing to confirm a baseline of functionality. Keep this testing status in mind if you decide to run them in a production environment. We strongly encourage you to upgrade to a fully tested Maintenance or Feature release when it becomes available.

    Revision: Version 9.1(7)29 – 05/04/2018


    Thanks for the information.:)

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