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    I need to find a solution for backing up/transferring BACKUP (dump file) from AIX (specifically) to Windows 2012 Hidden Share.

    The vendor saying that he cannot do a copy from his system to hidden share because it requires a password…

    Personally, I think that there should be a solution (probably simple). I am not a Unix expert but cannot believe that in 2017 the password for Windows hidden share could be an obstacle.

    Currently, we have an awkward solution and using Backup to tape for this system. We need to be able to copy first to DISK.

    I did a quick search and found a way to do it from Linux… (didn’t look closely yet).

    Want to ask forum for a pro solution for the question if exists…



    I don’t think the password is the problem. I think the admin just needs to escape the “$” in the hidden share with a backslash. e.g.

    mount -t cifs //server/hiddenshare$ -o username=adminUserName,password=myPassword /mnt/srvshare[/CODE][CODE]mount -t cifs //server/hiddenshare$ -o username=adminUserName,password=myPassword /mnt/srvshare[/CODE]


    how COOL :)
    sure I will suggest and will mention JeremyW from Petri forum :) if you allow of course.



    It’s on the internet. :) Yes, feel free to mention. :grin:


    Hi JeremyW
    I asked the question on AIX forum and understand that it is not a trivial task… and probably our AIX application vendor is right…
    Since I asked the question about copying files from AIX to Windows HIDDEN share you are trying to give an advice…
    Let me ask the question another way…
    Finally, the goal is to have AIX files available for backing up by VEEAM. That currently backing up 100+ VMs Windows servers from ESX to StoreOnce HP storage .
    I need to have AIX data on the same DISK Storage.
    I just got couple of ideas…

    1. I guess that there should not be a problem of automating file copy from AIX to LINUX
    VM. If this is not possible than I give UP smile.gif
    2. If the 1 is correct, than the problem is solved. I will have have a Linux VM on ESX containing AIX files that could be easily restored or pushed to Tape library for off site purposes.

    3. Another thought…
    is it possible to create a task that will run PSCP within Server 2012 for transferring files from AIX to WINDOWS machine? I used this not once from Linux machines in the past. Remember that actually credentials were used.

    It is not an obligation to be pushed from AIX. I need to find a way to pull it may be from Windows or Linux machine.

    May be better suggestion in this direction?

    4. another one … probably not valid… let say the files can be copied to anonymously accessible Windows share (I saw some technics on web that do that)… Is there a way to run a script in scheduled task that will password protect a share after backup window and remove credential put back to everyone (anonymous) before backup time.



    Well I’m not very good with *nix systems so the AIX community would definitely know better.
    But…. IBM’s own documentation makes it sound fairly straight forward:
    Maybe you’re dealing with an old version that doesn’t talk to Windows properly? Or maybe the client isn’t installed on the AIX server?

    If the only problem is the hidden share, why does it have to be hidden? Just do a new share that is not hidden?

    If the issue is the permissions and using a username and password then that is a little more of an issue. There is a way to automate changing the permissions with scripts but that leaves you open during the backup process and just sounds fragile and complicated.

    PSCP is scriptable. That might be the best way to go.


    Thanks for ideas.

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