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    There is a file called sasftpgagent.conf that is configured to send logs from the server to the remote RSA server.
    Can this same file be used to configure/allow a different sftp user to upload/download normal files (non log files) via sftp?



    I’m assuming you are using FTPS as Server 2012 R2 doesn’t have SFTP as a standard install.

    Else please give us more detail into what you have and how it is configured.



    The name of the agent installed is RSA_sasftpagent4100b0025.

    The steps to install :

    Rename RSA_sasftpagent4100b0025.exe.txt to RSA_sasftpagent4100b0025.exe before proceed to installed

    1) Run as administrator installer RSA_sasftpagent4100b0025.exe
    2) Copy template.ini into the C:sasftpagent
    3) Run puttygen.exe
    4) Save private key as “private”.ppk
    5) Open file “private”.ppk, copy the key public key and paste into notepad. Make sure the key in 1 line. Save as “Computer Name”.pub and email/pass to Hitachi
    6) Copy the file “sftpagent.conf.microsoftiis” and paste as “sftpagent.conf” (Hitachi will assist on this configuration)
    7) Create local user named “sftp” with any password
    8) At services, go to “SA SFTP Agent” properties and change the Log on as to “This account” by using sftp user account created on step 7 and Apply.
    9) Open cmd. change directory to C:sasftpagent
    10) Issue command “sasftpagent -v”

    psftp -i private.ppk -l sftp -v (to test the connection)


    Can you please tell us what it is your trying to achieve?

    I’m assuming it is this

    Then you’ll need to follow these.


    What I want is to configure sftp in the server to be able to upload and download files (from a remote server).
    So I wanted to know if it was possible to just use the sasftpagent.conf to configure this, or do I have to perform a separate installation/configuration to
    achieve this?

    The sasftpagent.conf was actually used to configure the RSA logging only.

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