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    I just acquired a new Aironet 3800 and want to configure it on my LAN but i dont know how to assign it a ip address so that i can access it on a url to contigure with the configuration. I have tried to access it on a console but i am having interruption messages on dhcp discovery which is making it impossible to do the configuration. is there anyway to halt this messages and how to assign an ip .


    Have you read the ‘Getting Started’ guide for this series of kit? That guide lays out the steps on how to get going. If there wasn’t any such doc or disc included with the AP, have a look at this page I found thru :google::

    This should get you started.


    i have read this manual but i am still not able to find my way through. I have connect the AP to a layer 3 switch which has dhcp enable. The Cisco AP received an ip from the dhcp. I can ping the AP and ping from the AP. but i cannot access the GUI with ip obtained by the AP. Also i can see lots of interruption on the cli that is making it difficult to work on..


    Re-reading the doc that I gave you the link for, it states very clearly that the AP will gain an address and then do it’s best to contact the Cisco wireless LAN Controller. If you’re attempting to log into the AP itself to operate as a stand-alone wifi device, I don’t see in the guide where that’s even possible. A lot of the newer generation business-level APs are centrally managed by either a local controller or some cloud subscription. In fact, this sentence confirms what I just wrote:
    “Access points must be discovered by a controller before they can become an active part of the network.” That’s about halfway down the page.

    As far as the CLI messages you see when connecting to the AP itself, and thinking about what you see on a network switch when you’re connected to the Console port, I’m better the messages are the standard internal status messages that the device generates based on it’s activity and logging level settings.

    So it appears that, if you don’t have a separate controller, you can’t configure the AP itself. It’s entire config is based on having some supervisory device to give you a GUI to manage everything thru, and that supervisor then pushes the desired config to the APs. I don’t think you’re going to have any luck with that AP on it’s own.

    Anybody else out there have any better suggestions??



    Is this controller a software or hardware and is it usually acquired with the Aironet. I have tried to download a software ubiquinti controller but it cannot detect the aironet.


    Enjoy the read as this may help. Line 3 of the second paragraph in the linked page seems promising.

    Possible hardware solution. Cisco WLC 2504.


    Thanks, will get this hardware. Please advice me ? i acquired the cisco aironet 3800 AP for my LAN internet access and i also want to use this AP for mac filtering. I hope it support this features


    I read in the document that the controller provide unified wireless access, those it support other AP (linksys Wireless AP, D-link) or it only support Cisco Aironet ?


    How can i bring up the LAN interface of cisco Aironet 3800. it was working but now the LAN does not come up on a pc or on a switch

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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