Compatibility between Cisco RV340 and ASA 5510 to create VPN’s

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    Hello All, I wanted to confirm if I’m able to create VPN’s using Cisco’s RV340 with a ASA 5510 loaded with Cisco IOS 8.4(7)15. I have been following the steps of configuring the Cisco RV340 using the site to site option and it seems pretty straight forwards. But it doesn’t establish a hand shake and we are using the IKE/pre-shared key methodology for authentication. Any ideas or hint would be helpful.


    IPsec is a standard, so there shouldn’t be compatibility issues between any two devices regardless of make and model. Having said that, many devices support only a subset of the IPsec standard, so there may be options available on one device that just won’t work with another.

    You said you’re using PSK and IKE. AFAIK, the RV series only supports IKEv1, so you have to make sure you’re not using IKEv2 on the ASA. Regarding IKEv1: Note that you can’t really use PSKs for devices with dynamic/changing IP addresses with IKEv1, unless you use the same PSK for every peer. IKEv1 can’t identify the peer username or FQDN without knowing the right key, leading to a catch-22 if you try to use the username/FQDN to differentiate between peers.

    Also, make sure your Phase 1 parameters match exactly (DH Group, encryption and signing ciphers, lifetime).


    Thanks, for the feedback.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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