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    I am trying to replace the file at C:WindowsWebWallpaperWindowsimg0.jpg via a group policy. I want to do this so that our company wallpaper always appears by default on new computers no matter who logs in.
    Certain oddly specific permissions prevent this from occurring. I have even added a rule to change the permissions of that file but they will not take effect. However, if I go to that file directly and open the permissions to “Everyone”, the rules concerning that file are then able to take effect. Is there any workaround to open the permissions to that file via group policy? Thank you.


    Why not just follow this and use a file located elsewhere.


    Thank you but that doesn’t accomplish what I’m trying to do. What you linked me to is a user-based configuration. This means that I would have to specify users, not computers. I want this policy to overwrite the default wallpaper so that the new one will appear by default on a new computer no matter who signs in.
    Second, the policy shown in that article prevents the end user from changing it. I only want the company wallpaper to appear as default, not force it on everyone. I believe overwriting the img0.jpg will accomplish what I am trying to do.


    The article says that can done: “You need to apply this group policy to the user group. Note that this policy is applicable only to domain users. If you are looking to apply the same policy to computers then you should make use of Loopback processing of Group Policy

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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